Mmm... Pepsi, that’s what I like! CRAZYBOXER has teamed up with the legendary soft drink Pepsi. We have created a refreshingly cool collection of underwear inspired by the popular cola drink. We worked extra hard on this iconic collection, and we are very excited for you to see the result!

A household for over a century, the iconic soft drink has remained a staple in our fridges and our go-to drink when we need to quench our thirst. What’s your favorite way to drink Pepsi? Do you prefer it straight from the can? Or are you more of a bottle person? Personally, we like to pour it into a glass with ice. So refreshing! Whatever way you consume Pepsi, we are sure you love the sound of the effervescent bubbles fizzing when you twist open the bottle or snap open the can. Who can resist that beautiful sound? During our deep-dive research on Pepsi, we uncovered a fantastic new way to consume Pepsi. Homemade Pepsi ice-pops! Simply pour some Pepsi into an ice-pop mold, pop it in the freezer for a few hours, and voilá!

Pepsi is well-known for its over-the-top commercials, often featuring the biggest celebrities of the moment. Of course, we have to mention the unbelievably iconic gladiator ad featuring the most famous trio of pop stars in 2004; Beyoncé, Britney Spears, and Pink rocking out to Queen in a Roman arena. Pepsi is also the sponsor of the famous Super Bowl halftime show, which attracts over one hundred million viewers. The Weeknd’s performance at the 2021 Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show will definitely go down in American history as one of the best halftime shows ever. Pepsi has really come a long way since its humble beginnings in a pharmacy in North Carolina in 1893.

Celebrities and NFL aside, did you know that Pepsi was the first company to use skywriting in advertising? In 1932, Pepsi recruited a pilot to write Pepsi in the sky above towns around the United States. They also placed print advertising in local papers to let people know that the Pepsi Skypilot was coming to town. Way to think outside the box! Apparently, the sky is the limit for soft drink advertisements, as no one has advertised in space… yet.

Our design team had great fun digging through the Pepsi archives as part of our in-depth research process. Gallons of Pepsi was consumed, and the sugar high kept them going all night long. The Pepsi logo has undergone some transformations over the last century, and we were influenced by retro and modern designs. In terms of color palette, we were inspired by Pepsi’s color scheme. According to the brand, the dark royal blue color, which appears in the very first drink, is a nod to coolness. The lighter shade of blue in Pepsi Max denotes cool and fresh, while the golden hue seen in the caffeine-free version represents energy and balance.

The spherical tri-color logo of Pepsi is instantly recognizable. However, we wanted to discover the meaning behind the swirls of color. So, after some obscure guesses at the office, we took to the internet to settle our debate. Much to our surprise, there is no straight answer, and the top is up for debate. According to our research, the logo allegedly represents various concepts: the Earth’s magnetic field, Feng Shui, Pythagorean principles, geodynamics, and more. Ok, then, if you say so, internet!

Each pair of our Pepsi briefs has the same classic-fitting shape and stylish features; a thick waistband to keep the briefs securely placed on your hips, double-layered material on the front pouch for maximum security, a woven and printed ta, detailed stitching on the front pouch for a stylish finish, and an ergonomic shape to maximize your movement.

As well as bringing you eye-catching designs and stylish features, we also want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible while wearing CRAZYBOXER. Our men’s trunks are made from an uber-breathable microfiber fabric that perfectly stretches over your hips and thighs for a snug fit. The moisture-wicking material keeps the sweat off the skin, which means you can wear CRAZYBOXER trunks when you work out, when you sleep, in summer, or in winter. You’ll always stay feeling fresh and clean while wearing CRAZYBOXER.

CRAZYBOXER x Pepsi boxers are sold individually or in multipacks of two or three. Browse the collection today and see which Pepsi briefs suit your style the most, and if you’re not sure, then we advise you to take them all! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone else, we are sure you will find a pair of boxers to suit the occasion. Our boxers are a truly wonderful gift for any fun-loving son, husband, boyfriend, or friend. So what are you waiting for? Browse the collection today and get your hands on our Pepsi trunks before they’re gone!