CRAZYBOXER Pepsi Vintage Men's Boxer Briefs (Creative Packaging)

Men's Boxer Briefs

CRAZYBOXER Pepsi Vintage Boxer Briefs (Creative Packaging)

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Memories are capable of taking you from one era to the other. Usually, people keep memories close to their hearts, but you can keep them close to you with underwear. What memories are we talking about here? It is the recording tape that we all have witnessed in the nineties. Scrolling the magnetic with hands and pencils was a common trend then. Combined with a bottle of Pepsi, the magnetic tape in a recorder would do wonders, and we guess we all have a globe through such a time.
Want to revive that time? You might not find those magnetic tapes now with great ease, and why would you need them with a USB available. But you can still enjoy that time with a beautiful boxer brief especially designed with the Pepsi crowns and the magnetic tape. Revealing these boxer briefs means creating a nostalgic image of yourself, so be careful to whom you open to. However, it wouldn't matter if you are not the nineties kids. You won't even understand.
But you don't have to buy these underwear for the sake of nostalgia only. The other underwear features are powerful enough to compel you to buy them irrespective of the design element. What are they? The boxer briefs are specially designed to provide you with comfort all day long. It is the design and the choice of the best raw material.
Moreover, the elasticity in the material ensures that you don't have to restrict your movement no matter what place you choose for wearing the underwear. Aren't all these features enough? Okay, we have one more for you. The material of these boxer briefs is breathable; this means your skin will remain dry and fresh all day long without causing any irritations.
We guess all these features are enough to give it a try, no?
  • Size : Vintage / L / Sku : CBPEP0101VINTN/10803/L
  • Size : Vintage / S / Sku : CBPEP0101VINTN/10801/S
  • Size : Vintage / M / Sku : CBPEP0101VINTN/10802/M
  • Size : Vintage / XL / Sku : CBPEP0101VINTN/10804/XL
  • Composition 92% polyester,8% elastane
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