Here at CRAZYBOXER, we are constantly looking for new collaborations with the most exciting partners, and we’ve gone and done it again! We are delighted to finally share with you our awesome Garfield collection. Garfield has been around the block longer than most of us, and he’s not going anywhere anytime soon; that’s what tends to happen when you’re a cat with nine lives. Garfield has come a long way since first appearing in the newspaper in the mid-seventies. He’s gone from comic books strips to an animated TV cartoon to a live-action theatrical release, and now he’s coming to your undergarment collection. Add a little bit of attitude to your underwear by sporting a pair of Garfield boxers. Garfield boxers are suitable to wear any day of the week, but we strongly recommend Mondays.

We love to find inspiration by digging through the Garfield archives. There’s so much to choose from to represent the lazy feline that we couldn’t help but make an entire collection dedicated to the orange house cat. The world’s most lethargic cat is well-known for his love of lasagna, his loathe of Mondays, and his smug sarcasm, and our collection reflects just that. Our CRAZYBOXER designers were extra hard at work on this collection to make sure they really captured the essence of Garfield’s personality. They even stopped coming to work on Mondays! That’s a steadfast dedication to the craft. We invite you to browse our Garfield range and enjoy choosing which pair of trunks you’ll take home.

The “I Hate Mondays” briefs with a picture of Garfield in his pajamas holding a cup of coffee speaks volumes to us. We’re a little bit all too familiar with the Monday morning struggle after a long weekend of relaxing and stuffing our faces with delicious dinners and desserts. The noise of the coffee machine is anything but music to our ears when we would prefer to be wrapped up in our bedsheets dreaming about our next meal. However, there is one thing to look forward to on Monday mornings; it’s a perfect excuse to eat donuts with your coffee for breakfast. That certainly puts a smile on Garfield’s face anyway. We like to keep in mind some of Garfield’s wise words while overindulging on donuts dipped in coffee first thing in the morning, “I’m not overweight, I’m undertall.” So eat your heart out, Garfield!

We don’t know about you, but we’re always thinking one step ahead, that is to say, one meal ahead. So when it comes to breakfast time, we’re already thinking about lunch. When it comes to lunchtime, dinner is already on our minds. Not to mention the constant thoughts of what snack to eat next. Garfield shares the same mindset as us. This led us to design a pair of boxer briefs covered in the greedy cat’s favorite snacks along with his gluttonous face. It’s all there: pizza, hotdogs, sandwiches, pies, cupcakes, donuts, popcorn, soda. Garfield doesn’t discriminate between sweet or salty, and neither do we; as long as it’s got sugar and salt, we’re game.

Our Garfield collection of boxer briefs also includes some designs that reflect the audacious attitude of the sarcastic cat. For example, you can find Garfield dressed head to toe like a king, dripping in royalty amongst a shower of dollar bills. Also, no one dares to take away Garfield’s lasagna dish before he’s licked all of the sauce from his bowl. This inspired us to create pair of boxers featuring an angry Garfield with his claws out.

Each pair of our boxers have the same shape and stylish features; a thick waistband to keep the briefs securely placed on your hips, double-layered material on the front pouch for extra security, a woven and printed tag to avoid itchy labels, detailed stitching on the front pouch for a stylish finish, and an ergonomic shape to maximize your movement.

CRAZYBOXER brings you more than just eye-catching designs, humorous graphics, and stylish features. We also want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible wearing CRAZYBOXER. For this reason, our men’s trunks are made from a breathable microfiber fabric that perfectly stretches to fit snug around your hindquarters. In addition, the moisture-wicking material keeps the sweat off the skin, which means you can wear CRAZYBOXER trunks while working out or while you sleep, in summer or in winter. So no matter what you do, you’ll stay feeling fresh and clean.

The Garfield boxers can be purchased individually or in a multipack of two. Loved by all generations, Garfield boxers make a wonderful gift for any fan of the iconic comic strip. So get your hungry paws on our Garfield collection before they’re all snatched up! Keep an eye out for our special edition Garfield gift box, but be aware that it’s no ordinary gift box; it’s an instant lasagna box!