CRAZYBOXER Garfield Basketball Cat Men's Boxer Briefs (3 pack)

Men's Boxer Briefs

CRAZYBOXER Garfield Basketball Cat Boxer Briefs (3 pack)

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Getting the right boxer brief to fit is difficult with the different fits and brands available. The tight-fitted briefs sometimes leave bruises and the loose-fit briefs keep falling off the waist. Crazyboxer briefs conquer these problems with the release of three superior boxer briefs in one package. The Garfield designed briefs hold up in the market as the most comfortable fitted boxers.
The bright Garfield colors give the boxers the extraordinary look. With the three-in-one package, you are guaranteed quality for quantity and value. All three boxers are made in three unique designs. Our cat is here to keep you safe.
Do not fret anymore about loosely fitted boxer briefs with these Crazyboxer Garfield design boxer briefs. Get out in a bold statement with Garfield leading the way. Hear those confident whispers as you strut around poised and comfortable.
The boxer briefs are all uniquely designed and will make a great gift for roommates and friends around you. These three-in-one unique boxer briefs are the additional briefs you need for your underwear collection.
Odorless without the typical characteristic factory chemical smell, each of the crazy boxer briefs is ready to wear out for any occasion. Enjoy taking long walks in the way to work with the Crazyboxer briefs.
Get it on with Garfield!
- The three in one boxer briefs with three special designs for each
- The Garfield three back basketball design is stylish and peculiar
- The material is made up of 92% Polyester and 8% Elastane
- It is long lasting, odorless and suitable for any weather
- Provides all-day coverage, maintaining a perfect internal temperature
- It is slack resistant and washing machine compatible
  • Size : BasketballCatGrayGarfieldfaces / XS / Sku : CBGAR0101X3A1/6889/XS
  • Size : BasketballCatGrayGarfieldfaces / S / Sku : CBGAR0101X3A1/6890/S
  • Size : BasketballCatGrayGarfieldfaces / M / Sku : CBGAR0101X3A1/6891/M
  • Size : BasketballCatGrayGarfieldfaces / L / Sku : CBGAR0101X3A1/6892/L
  • Size : BasketballCatGrayGarfieldfaces / XL / Sku : CBGAR0101X3A1/6893/XL
  • Size : BasketballCatGrayGarfieldfaces / 2XL / Sku : CBGAR0101X3A1/6894/2XL
  • Size : BasketballCatGrayGarfieldfaces / 3XL / Sku : CBGAR0101X3A1/6895/3XL
  • Composition 92% polyester,8% elastane
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