CrazyUniverse Basketball and Flag Crew Socks (3 Pack)

CrazyUniverse Basketball and Flag Crew Socks (3 Pack)

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Are you a basketball fan? And are you a superhero movie fan? Now imagine if Steph curry and Captain America were supposed to save the world together. Steph curry would use his awesome basketball skills to defeat alien invaders alongside Captain America. Is that a movie you would pay to see? If your answer is yes, these are the perfect socks for you. The Socks By CRAZYBOXER Basketball and Flag Crew Socks (3 Pack) will leave you feeling like Steph Curry one day and the next like Captain America. You can even pair them up this way, the first day you wear the basketball socks. On day two wear the red and blue socks without paters to create that versus look. Finish the look off by wearing the American flag socks and ask your friends which of the three looks was most iconic.

Socks By CRAZYBOXER Basketball and Flag Crew Socks (3 Pack) are a fun combination that will showcase your patriotism and love for basketball if you are not a superhero movie fan. They are very soft and comfortable and can be worn throughout the day. They absorb moisture and ensure that you have that dry feel throughout the day. These socks are designed to hug your leg comfortably which ensures that the general feel of the socks is unmatched. They are perfect for any setting and can be worn on a busy day in the office or when you are at the gym and you don?t mind people staring at your legs.

So if you want to tap into your basketballer, superhero fantasy, the Socks By CRAZYBOXER Basketball and Flag Crew Socks (3 Pack) is the best type of socks on the market. It will be a fun inside joke every time you wear the basketball or flag socks where you can see which between the two, basketball and superheroes are most popular amongst your peers.
  • Size : BASKETBALL & FLAG / 6 - 13 / Sku : CSBIG0101X3A1/11488/6-13
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