Socks By Crazy Boxer Fries Crew Socks (Fries Box)

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Have you ever longed for socks that make you feel alive each time you step out of your home? If you have, our Socks By Crazy Boxer Fries Crew Socks (Fries Box) are the answer that quenches your insatiable longing. It is refreshing and cool like fresh fries. The novelty reusable is the same shape and size as an actual pack of fries. In case you're wondering how to pour a pair of socks out of a pack of fries, it's simple, just open the top of the pack and the socks will be neatly rolled up inside waiting to fall into the hands and onto the feet of its rightful owner. However, unlike a regular pack of fries, we have used a stronger carton that won't crush or dent if you squeeze it, which means you can reuse this pack as a pencil box. Get creative and stay crazy! No one will know that you have a pair of socks in it before! You need socks that bring you a fresh look! Imagine how sexy and on top of the world you would feel knowing your fellow guys, and girls are in love with the socks you decided to eat. That comfort and joy that you would feel fries only come from picking quality, and relaxing socks. And our Socks By Crazy Boxer Fries Crew Socks (Fries Box) provide better comfort for your feet, so you are comfortable in your skin. Now enjoy comfort and freshness Socks By Crazy Boxer Fries Crew Socks (Fries Box)
  • Size : 6 - 13 / Red / Sku : CSFOO0101FRI3N/6 - 13
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