CRAZYBOXER Strawberries Smiley Men's Boxer Briefs (3 pack)

Men's Boxer Briefs

CRAZYBOXER Strawberries Smiley Boxer Briefs (3 pack)

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When life gives you berries squeeze them, and when time gives you opportunities seize them - That's the rule you need to follow to subscribe to the life-long agreement of satisfaction and content. An opportune time probably won't show up again, and a happy moment might just not wait around for you to make up your mind! There's always work, there's always going to be meetings - the only shortage in life is that of peace and fun, which also apparently are supposed to be important. Well, we could get you some fun and peace without really having you go much out of your way to look for it?
Grab a pair of Men's Boxer Briefs and cop a feel of that scanty feeling of joy and calm that you've grown distant of in this persistently monotonous phase of life known as adulthood. With a unique blend of 92% polyester and 8% elastane, this opportunity to get the best out of sleepy nights and lazy hangouts might not last forever! The polyester is added to reduce your effort as the shorts are readily washable and insanely rapid in drying up! And, the 8% elastane just multiplies the durability of the material by a factor of oh-my-god, to make sure the briefs stay hooked to your butt in every and any situation!
And the designs - the wonderful designs just make sure you are always funky, cool, definitely the center of attention wherever you go! The bright colors and creative imprints are just aesthetic factors that round up the entire package in the trendiest manner possible!
What are you waiting for, then? Just add our latest boxers to your cart and gift your bottom all the comfort it deserves! Our latest deals and offers might expire soon, so make sure to place your order before the time runs out!
  • Size : Black + CBMIN0101FRA + CBMIN0101SMI / XS / Sku : CBMIN0101X3A2/7078/XS
  • Size : Black + CBMIN0101FRA + CBMIN0101SMI / S / Sku : CBMIN0101X3A2/7079/S
  • Size : Black + CBMIN0101FRA + CBMIN0101SMI / M / Sku : CBMIN0101X3A2/7080/M
  • Size : Black + CBMIN0101FRA + CBMIN0101SMI / L / Sku : CBMIN0101X3A2/7081/L
  • Size : Black + CBMIN0101FRA + CBMIN0101SMI / XL / Sku : CBMIN0101X3A2/7082/XL
  • Size : Black + CBMIN0101FRA + CBMIN0101SMI / 2XL / Sku : CBMIN0101X3A2/7083/2XL
  • Size : Black + CBMIN0101FRA + CBMIN0101SMI / 3XL / Sku : CBMIN0101X3A2/7084/3XL
  • Composition 92% polyester,8% elastane
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