CRAZYBOXER Star Wars DARTH VADERMen's Men's Boxer Briefs (3 pack)

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CRAZYBOXER Star Wars DARTH VADER Boxer Briefs (3 pack)

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For several of us, countless memories of our childhood include fighting with makeshift lightsabers and pretending to be Jedi Knights. Star Wars, the most epic American space opera media franchise, holds exceptional value for many people, and most probably, for you too. What wasn't there to love in this futuristic, ultracool space adventure?

If you too dreamed and thought of this fantastic movie series every waking moment of the day, we have great news! Let us present you to something that Darth Vader would wear himself ( maybe in secret ) - the official Star Wars boxer merch co-branded by CrazyBoxers!

Yes, all of your prayers to wear something worthy of the cool space series are finally answered. Now you can totally rock this CrazyBoxers underwear and carry on the legacy of the faraway galaxies and go on dangerous missions anywhere in the universe!

The Star Wars movie series portrays a futuristic universe where people populate far away planets and travel in ultra-fast spaceships. The boxers carry a similar theme with their exciting prints.

The first pair is adorned by Darth Vader himself in his do-gooder white suit when he finally switched on to the good side of the Force, complemented by the CrazyBoxer logo on a mustard yellow background. The second pair is a solid navy blueprint with a red waistband. The third pair features the infamous Star Wars spaceships, yellow Star Wars logo print, and a lemon yellow waistband with the CrazyBoxers logo!

The boxers are made with 92% polyester and 8% elastane, which means they are super stretchable and will fit you just in the right places. The breathable materials help in keeping you dry, while the elastic waistband safeguards you against any waistline rashes.

This set of 3 boxers is a perfect addition for the summers and all the pool parties you will be attending!
  • Size : SPACESHIPSNavySTROMTROOPERS / S / Sku : CBSTW0101X3D1/6512/S
  • Size : SPACESHIPSNavySTROMTROOPERS / M / Sku : CBSTW0101X3D1/6513/M
  • Size : SPACESHIPSNavySTROMTROOPERS / L / Sku : CBSTW0101X3D1/6514/L
  • Size : SPACESHIPSNavySTROMTROOPERS / 2XL / Sku : CBSTW0101X3D1/6516/2XL
  • Size : SPACESHIPSNavySTROMTROOPERS / 3XL / Sku : CBSTW0101X3D1/6517/3XL
  • Composition 92% polyester,8% elastane
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