CRAZYBOXER Mystery Pack 12 Boxer Briefs

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This CRAZYBOXER mystery pack is a perfect pick for you. This pack contains multiple boxers with different designs : what you get is hand picked by our staff. Select the size, we do the rest! The diversity and the combination of the boxers that this pack has makes you ready for any situation that may come. Also, their incredible features make these boxers the right pick for you. They have comfort stitch, breathability, a thick stretch band, and soft touch.

These boxer briefs are made of 92 percent polyester and 8 percent elastane and provide optimum flexibility while providing excellent support. It is crafted from some of the world's most adorned materials wrapped into a clean faultless pattern to present you with a magnificent boxer brief that will leave you speechless. But, hey, that seems a little too spicy for you, so let's get to the point of why you need the new CRAZY BOXER mystery pack for yourself and your loved ones.

It is really soft because of the fabric used; therefore, there will be no imprints on your thighs. It emphasizes quality and durability so that you may wear it for an extended amount of time until you get weary of it. It is pretty beneficial to the male organ, especially if you enjoy athletics. It effortlessly keeps you dry throughout the day, boosting your confidence that you are not sweating abundantly on your pants. When worn on the beach as a fashion trend on social media, it exudes masculinity and attractiveness. Finally, I'm sure you like your comfort, relaxation, and feeling flexibility.

This pack contains a combination of boxers from their foodie collection, ?Merica collection, spaced out collection, money collection, and some animal avengers collection. Wow, I mean, what better than getting your hands on such amazing collections in a single pack! Like, indeed, a mystery pack! By placing boxers from so many collections in a single mystery pack, this pack definitely does justice to its name. These boxers are designed by some great designers helping you attain and place the style statement that you want. It is made with premium quality material and the best printing techniques giving it the sensually soft touch and most explicit prints.

The boxers from the foodie collection are genuinely delightful. Food is a basic necessity that is enjoyed by everyone. This boxer is as well. This collection has boxers having food-inspired prints. Some have cute fries pockets printed on them, while some have a combo of cookies and emojis printed all over. Looking after the obsession that people have now for cheese, some of the boxers have delicious-looking cheese printed over it. And let's not forget the boxers having burgers printed on them. Guess this collection is the right pick for a foodie around you. The designs seem so fine and delicious, just like you want your food to be.

The boxers from the animal avenger collection have all the playful vibes one needs in their life. This animal avenger is truly a match for someone who has all heart eyes for animal avengers. These boxers have all animal avengers-inspired prints on them.

The boxers from the money collection have all currency prints on them. With money comes security. Money is needed for every little thing in life. So get the all-secured vibes that money gives in life with these amazing currency prints.

Get a whole American vibe With the CRAZYBOXER?s ?Merica collection. This collection has some amazing American prints on it, and some have beautiful flags printed on them. Grab these boxers and have whole American vibes while not having to disrupt your daily routine. What better than having the whole American feel while sitting at home.

Some boxers in this pack have cheerful birds printed all over them. This bird print will create a whole cheerful vibe that the birds bring with them and will cheer you up throughout your day. All this cheerful and playful vibe will indeed make your life easy.

Its spaced-out collection will take you on a universe ride. These have boxers having space-inspired prints on them.
  • Size : Mystery x12 / S / Sku : CB01BMPREPACKX12/11644/S
  • Size : Mystery x12 / M / Sku : CB01BMPREPACKX12/11645/M
  • Size : Mystery x12 / L / Sku : CB01BMPREPACKX12/11646/L
  • Size : Mystery x12 / XL / Sku : CB01BMPREPACKX12/11647/XL
  • Size : Mystery x12 / 2XL / Sku : CB01BMPREPACKX12/11648/2XL
  • Composition 92% polyester,8% elastane
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