CRAZYBOXER Disney Toy Story Woody + Lighting buzz Men's Boxer Briefs (2 pack)

Men's Boxer Briefs

CRAZYBOXER Disney Toy Story Woody + Lighting buzz Boxer Briefs (2 pack)

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As a kid, we all loved our toys and considered them as our friends. We even thought, what if all these toys could talk and provide us companionship. This fantasy was made true once Toy Story got released in the theatres in 1995.
Are you a fan of Toy Story? Do you want to have a merch of Toy Story with you all day and show it off to your friends? We have made your dream come true by introducing these brand new boxer briefs officially licensed by Toy Story.
This series of animated movies have been a part of our lives for so long that we feel emotional even when thinking about it. Let this emotion be a part of yourself for a lifetime by wearing these boxers.
This will be a perfect gift for your husband, father, or kid if he loves Toy Story. And for $29.90, you are not getting one but two boxers! Order a few sets for your whole family.
One of the boxers has a red background with blue highlights and a blue waistband. In the background, there are lots of Woodies smiling at you. The second boxer has a sky blue background with purple highlights, and an army of Buzz Lightyears is whooshing around.
To make sure that you can wear these boxers all day, we have taken care of your comfort needs. The boxer is made of a blend of polyester and elastane. The waistband is thick, soft, and stretchable so that no red lines form around your waist. The fabric will soak off all the moisture so that your crotch remains fresh. All the designs are digitally printed, so no need to worry about the colors fading or harming your skin.
Grab your pair of boxers from our store and make your dreams come true.
  • Size : C1 / XS / Sku : CBTOY0104X2C1/6651/XS
  • Size : C1 / S / Sku : CBTOY0104X2C1/6652/S
  • Size : C1 / M / Sku : CBTOY0104X2C1/6653/M
  • Size : C1 / L / Sku : CBTOY0104X2C1/6654/L
  • Size : C1 / XL / Sku : CBTOY0104X2C1/6655/XL
  • Size : C1 / 2XL / Sku : CBTOY0104X2C1/6656/2XL
  • Size : C1 / 3XL / Sku : CBTOY0104X2C1/6657/3XL
  • Composition 92% polyester,8% elastane
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