CRAZYBOXER All Star Donut Bath Men's Boxer Briefs (3 pack)

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CRAZYBOXER All Star Donut Bath Boxer Briefs (3 pack)

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The ring of rainbow sprinkles heaped on top of a donut, the squeak of the rubber duck every time you touch it, the fireworks on New Year's Eve, in their sparkling glory ? What do all of these things have in common? Imagine a donut without the vibrant strands on top of it?imagine a rubber duck that doesn't squeak along with your bath-time hum?imagine a New Year's Eve without a sky of ruby, golden and emerald?Seemingly trivial, these little things are the life of their counterparts! And, we, at Men's Boxer Briefs, understand how little things make up a whole!
With our wondrous blend of 92% polyester and 8% elastane, we ensure the quality of our product is up to your need of comfort! The polyester makes the briefs easily washable and rapidly dried, so you get to spend more time in them than out! And the elastane in there makes sure you never get bored of the briefs as they enable you to run, jump, splash, leap - basically, have a great time no matter where you are!
So, go ahead and grab out latest designs, featuring a wondrously sweet and bubbly time that will always be on your mind whenever you put a pair on - No worries, no unease, no regrets!
What are you waiting for? Just add our latest boxers to your cart and gift your bottom all the comfort it deserves! Our latest deals and offers might expire soon, so make sure to place your order before the time runs out!
  • Size : Donuts Heaven + Black + Flamingo and Duck / XS / Sku : CBALS0102X3A7/7232/XS
  • Size : Donuts Heaven + Black + Flamingo and Duck / S / Sku : CBALS0102X3A7/7233/S
  • Size : Donuts Heaven + Black + Flamingo and Duck / M / Sku : CBALS0102X3A7/7234/M
  • Size : Donuts Heaven + Black + Flamingo and Duck / L / Sku : CBALS0102X3A7/7235/L
  • Size : Donuts Heaven + Black + Flamingo and Duck / XL / Sku : CBALS0102X3A7/7236/XL
  • Size : Donuts Heaven + Black + Flamingo and Duck / 2XL / Sku : CBALS0102X3A7/7237/2XL
  • Size : Donuts Heaven + Black + Flamingo and Duck / 3XL / Sku : CBALS0102X3A7/7238/3XL
  • Composition 92% polyester,8% elastane
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