We guarantee style and fun but also comfort, which is why we make sure that wearing our boxers is as fun as it is comfortable. Our boxers are designed to provide you with the maximum possible comfort.

The first thing we pay attention to ? Our waistband. Our boxer briefs’ waistband is thick, stretchy, and for more comfort, it is designed not to pinch. 

Our choice of fabric is carefully formulated. We travel the world to find the softest fabrics for you. Mixing polyester and elastane, and respecting the magic portions, we have obtained the best mix of fabrics to make you feel comfortable in your boxer briefs all day long. 

The back seam is a type of stitching that allows more comfort. Our boxer briefs back seam enables the fabric to stretch easily without causing wear and tear to the apparel as well as providing a better cushion which keeps your tush extra comfortable (ideal for guys who spend a lot the day sitting, whether you have a desk job or are a big-time gamer).  

For better movement, we’ve added gussets. First and foremost, the gussets provide more space for your manhood, but they also provide shorter inner seams on the garments, making our boxer briefs tight and comfortable. 

Last but not least, our boxers are characterized by their ability to dry quickly, thanks to the moisture-wicking and naturally breathable material. 

Our undies fit from below the waist to the top of the thigh in an ergonomic shape trunk design.