Toy Story

Toy Story

CRAZYBOXER has partnered up with Toy Story to bring you a collection filled with your favorite characters you have loved since childhood. Do you remember the first time you saw Toy Story? What a magical and cherished moment of our childhoods that was to watch Woody and his pals in action. The excitement of going to the cinema, ordering buttery popcorn with an extra-large coke, finding your seats in the dark, watching the trailers for even more exciting outings to the cinema to come. Even today, the smell of buttery cinema popcorn brings us right back to those treasured moments of our youth. If you ever wondered what nostalgia might smell like, it’s probably something close to buttery popcorn.

Life was never the same after witnessing the magic of toys coming to life. Go on, admit it, you used to try spy on your toys too, didn’t you? We know we sure did. Running back upstairs to take a quick glance at our toys before school and doing the exact same thing on returning home in the evening. One of our CRAZYBOXER designers swears on his life that one of his teddy bears had moved from his pillow to his windowsill, and the window was slightly ajar. We don’t know whether to believe him or if his family should have invested in a house alarm. We’ll let him believe in the magical version of the story anyway!

We like to have a “movie night” at the office on Friday afternoons to finish the working week stress-free and start the weekend with a smile. Last month was all about Toy Story, and we were all in stitches of laughter and floods of tears after watching cinema’s best friendship between Woody and Buzz go through their highs and lows. We wish we had a friendship like Buzz and Woody! You’ve Got a Friend in Me is possibly one of the best original soundtrack songs in existence.

Toy Story really raised the bar for children’s animated movies since it first hit our screens in 1995. It’s kept that bar raised high with the three sequels that followed. Rumors have it that Toy Story 5 is in the making, and we can only hope that this rumor comes to fruition soon!

Our collection features all your favorite Toy Story characters, including the loyal and wise Sheriff Woody, the courageous Buzz Lightyear, the mime-like Aliens from Pizza Planet, the sarcastic and cynical Mr. Potato Head, Hamm the wisecracking piggy bank, and Rex, the gentle and unconfrontational dinosaur. The Toy Story range of briefs is packed with bright colors, too. Each pair of boxers has a different colored CRAZYBOXER waistband for you to show off over your jeans if that’s your style. Choose from a selection of colors, including blue, green, red, purple, yellow, blank, and navy, practically the entire rainbow. We challenge you to sport a different color every day of the week!

Having a pair of boxers for every occasion is as important as brushing your teeth every morning in our books. That’s why we have included some fun and festive winter holiday-themed briefs in the Toy Story collection. Look for Woody sporting his Santa hat, and the Little Green Men are singing carols to their hearts’ content. Of course, our favorite toy dog Slinky makes an appearance, too, all wrapped up in a string of multi-colored lights. Another pair of holiday trunks feature the aliens holding traditional red and white candy canes, a slight change from their usual diet in Pizza Planet!

All our men’s underwear has the same classic shape and stylish features, including a thick waistband to keep your briefs securely on your hips, double-layered material on the front pouch for extra security, a woven and printed tag to avoid itchy labels, detailed stitching on the front pouch for a stylish finish, and an ergonomic shape to maximize your movement.

As well as bringing you eye-catching designs, we also want to ensure that you are as comfortable as you can possibly be while wearing CRAZYBOXER. Our men’s underwear is made from a breathable microfiber fabric that perfectly stretches over the hips and thighs for a snug fit. The soft, moisture-wicking material keeps the sweat off your skin, which means you can wear CRAZYBOXER trunks while you work out, while you sleep, in summer or in winter, and you’ll always feel fresh and clean.

CRAZYBOXER x Toy Story boxers are sold individually or in multipacks of two or three. Browse the collection today and see which Toy Story briefs suit your style best, and if you’re not sure, then we advise you to take them all! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone else, we are sure you will find a pair of boxers to suit the occasion. Our boxers are a truly wonderful gift for any fun-loving man or fan of the Toy Story franchise. So what are you waiting for? Find yourself a pair of Buzz Lightyear trunks and get ready to soar to infinity and beyond!