South Park

South Park

CRAZYBOXER encompasses all things crazy, and nothing says crazy quite like the characters hailing from South Park. How can a small town in Colorado contain so much personality? Teaming up with South Park to create our latest crazy collection of boxer briefs has been an absolute blast. We are stoked to share the result with you, and we hope you love this collection as much as we do!

It’s been almost 25 years since South Park first hit our screens. Let that sink in, nearly one-quarter of a century has passed, and the show remains as funny, relatable, and relevant as ever. As a part of our research process, our design team was assigned the task of rewatching their top ten favorite episodes of the cartoon series. What a torturous task! Let us tell you what episodes we came up with and see if you agree.

Cartman features heavily in nearly all our favorite episodes, and Ass Burgers is definitely in the top ten. Cartman misunderstands Asperger’s syndrome as “ass burgers” and creates a food stall where the secret ingredient is to cram hamburgers into his underwear. Our South Park range features Cartman selling his infamous burgers, but we highly suggest you don’t follow Cartman’s lead by stuffing your lunch down your briefs.

Once again, Cartman stole the show when he got into one of his most memorable roles as a local police officer. Who can forget the iconic quote from Cartman, “EH! I am a COP, and you will RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!”. So we took the iconic catchphrase and printed it on a pair of trunks with an image of Cartman dressed in his cop uniform. These briefs are guaranteed to make all fans of South Park laugh while commanding the respect of others.

Cartman masquerading as a pirate certainly makes it into our list of most memorable South Park moments, and indeed, Eric Cartman moments. The episode Fatbeard is the quintessence of what South Parks strives to achieve. How do they do this? By corroborating current political topics with the ridiculous and hilarious misunderstandings of Eric Cartman. The juxtaposition of Cartman’s naivety of traditional pirates against the reality of modern “pirates” opens the audiences’ eyes to the absurdity of our own prejudices and misunderstanding of the world around us. Wow. That was deep. But it’s the truth. On the surface, South Park is a light-hearted adult comedy. But, beneath the surface, the show opens our eyes to the current political and economic situations across the globe. They do this through the best medium of all, comedy.

Anyway, back to our favorite episodes that make us laugh out loud. The South Park superheroes, known as Coon and Friends, quickly became a cult classic favorite among South Park fans. Mysterion is the vigilante superhero with the unique superpower of invincibility. He is loved by all as he is the personification of the anti-hero archetype. His inability to die gives away his identity as the ever so mysterious Kenny McCormick. 

We must give a mention to one of the best ever South Park specials, Woodland Critter Christmas. The perfect storybook fairytale creatures turned satanic worshipers; we couldn’t expect anything less from Matt Stone and Trey Parker. The South Park Christmas specials always give us a good giggle, so we made sure to design some boxers perfect for Santa to bring down the chimney.

We could talk all day about our favorite South Park moments; Cartman wanting to become a muscly Beefcake or Cartman wanting to become obese to use a mobility scooter. Make up your mind, Cartman! Browse the collection to see which other episodes inspired us.

The next task for our team was to decide on their favorite character. It’s hard to pick a favorite character as all the inhabitants of South Park are so uniquely hilarious in their own way. Can’t decide who the best character is either? Fear not, we’ve included the best ones in the collection. Browse the range to find all South Park locals who make you laugh. We’ve designed boxers with Eric Cartman, the notorious leader, Stan Marsh, the unheard voice of reason, and his immature father, Randy. Also included is Kyle Broflovski, always trying to do good, and Kenny; how is he so cool when he says so little? Last but not least, we’ve included some of the best secondary characters, including Butters, Chef, and Big Gay Al. No matter which of these hilarious South Park characters you’re looking for, you’ll find them right here in our collection. 

Our briefs are made from the softest microfiber material that has moisture-wicking properties. It will draw off sweat from your skin, keeping you feeling as fresh and as dry as possible throughout your day. The front pouch is lined with an extra layer of fabric which adds extra support and protection where you need it most. The elasticated waistband hugs your hips and keeps the boxers from sliding down. We’ve also added a printed tag on the inside of the briefs for a comfortable finish. There is also a woven tag on the back of the waistband, which displays the wooden South Park town sign.

Our boxers are available to purchase in multipacks of two or three or can be purchased individually. Our South Park collection is the perfect place to find an excellent gift idea for the hit TV series fans. So get your hands on them quick!

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