Welcome all fans of MTV! Something we are pretty fond of at CRAZYBOXER is nostalgia. Anything retro or reminiscent of days long gone by is right up our street; seriously, we work one block away from memory lane. One morning, while taking a walk down memory lane on the way to the office, we started talking about the music that shaped us growing up. We asked each other, what would be the soundtrack to your life? The music of our youth is cemented in our memories like an endless record. It keeps on spinning around and around, and we never want to stop.

Speaking of memories and music, remember when there was music still on MTV? What a moment in time MTV was when we were growing up. New music videos, the latest chart music, live performances from our favorite bands; the MTV Unplugged series is constantly on repeat in our office. We feel so strongly about our nostalgic connection to MTV that we designed an entire collection based on the music channel.

MTV’s first-ever broadcast was in the summer of 1981, and do you know what their very first broadcast was? It was none other than The Buggles smash hit “Video Killed the Radio Star.” Coincidence? We think not. The music channel had a rocky start due to the lack of music videos available in the early eighties. Still, by the mid-eighties, it had well as truly established itself as the new home of music. What’s really interesting about MTV is its influence on the music industry; MTV is the reason musicians began to pay nearly as much attention to looking good as to sounding good. At the time, relatively unknown artists, like Madonna and Duran Duran, were making eye-catching music videos. This led to them getting a lot of airtime on MTV and, in turn, becoming very popular. But, wait, hold on second, are we saying that Madonna and Duran Duran are basically the original creators of viral videos? Stepaside TikTokers and YouTubers and pay dues to the OG content creators.

MTV isn’t the only one who cares about visual identity, so do we. Making sure you look as good as you feel is core to our mission at CRAZYBOXER. So we spent hours watching our favorite music videos from the past four decades to get ideas for the MTV collection. We think you’re going to love the result.

The MTV logo in the corner of the TV screen is something we’ll always associate with those hours spent chilling on the sofa with our friends, or by ourselves, until all hours of the morning. We printed the MTV logo in a multi-colored pattern all over a pair of black trunks. The yellow waistband features CRAZYBOXER written in contrasting pink. These boxers give us seriously retro vibes.

Beavis and Butt-Head was our absolute favorite show to watch on MTV in between all the incredible music videos. Who can resist being a couch potato while simultaneously watching two couch potatoes being... couch potatoes? But, hang on, just a moment, is it just us, or is it kind of like this was the original Gogglebox? Mind blown. We designed a pair of Beavis and Butt-Head briefs for our MTV collection, which features the delinquent duo sitting on their infamous couch.

MTV reminds us of our young TV watching days before digital streaming services took over. Are you old enough to remember the static TV screen with white noise? No wonder we slept so well back then, isn’t white noise like the new ASMR? Sometimes we just play ten-hour loops of static TV and white noise on our TV, just like that fake fire on Netflix in December; it makes us feel calm, but with an added sense of nostalgia. So we designed a pair of boxer briefs based on the TV snow and featuring a pattern of retro TVs displaying the MTV logo.

Our briefs are made from a super-soft microfiber material with moisture-wicking abilities. This means it draws off any sweat from your skin, keeping you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day. The front pouch is double lined, which adds extra support and protection. The elasticated waistband perfectly hugs your hips and keeps the boxers from sliding down. We’ve also added a printed tag on the inside of the briefs for a polished and comfortable finish. There is also a woven tag on the back of the waistband which features the MTV logo.

The MTV boxers are sold individually or in multipacks of two. Browse the collection today and see which MTV briefs the best suit your style, and if you’re not sure, then we advise you to take them all! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone else, we’re sure you’ll find a pair of trunks that you love. Stuck on a gift idea? Our boxers are a great gift for any music-loving man. So get your hands on our MTV boxer shorts before they’re gone!