Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew

Hey there, loyal Mountain Dewer! We would like to tell you a bit about how things work at CRAZYBOXER. At CRAZYBOXER, we all share the pleasure of creating stylish boxers, modeling cool boxers, and of course, wearing awesome boxers. Finding the most exciting collaborators is central to our commitment to keeping things as crazy as possible around here. We search high and low and spend an endless amount of time browsing the internet and scrolling through memes to find partners that are as crazy as we are. For this reason, we are ecstatic that we’ve managed to partner up with Mountain Dew! We have created a truly unique and stylish collection of underwear that we hope you’ll love just as much as we dew (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

Mountain Dew has become an iconic brand over the last eighty years, from its humble beginnings in Tennessee to worldwide global domination. With its instantly recognizable bold green color, the delicious American soft drink has gained a substantial market share across the globe, and it’s not hard to wonder why. The soft drink is a perfect blend of citrus and sweetness, making the sweet and fruity beverage a massive hit in the summer season. Cracking open a cold can or twisting open a fresh bottle of Mountain Dew on a hot day is what summer is all about. Take a few ice-cold bottles to the lake, to the pool, to the park, or wherever you like to hang out, and you’ll quickly become the most popular person around. Its unique taste is hard to pin down to one flavor, making it all the more intriguing. What is Mountain Dew? Heaven on Earth in bottled format? The elixir of life? The answer to all of life’s questions? Is Mountain Dew the meaning of life? Probably none of these, but it tastes phenomenal; that’s the point we’re trying to make here.

Before you browse our Mtn Dew collection, we need to clarify something. Do you want to blend in with all the other boring guys who wear the same neutral white undies every day? Well, hopefully not the same pair of underwear, but the same style. Or do you want to wear a pair of boxers that reflects your incredible taste in soft drinks? Do you know what we say? We say you do you, and while you’re at it, Do the Dew!

The color palette of our collection reflects the Mountain Dew brand, so obviously, we have included lots of electric green, bright red, and black. The underwear collection features various designs; the iconic Mtn Dew logo printed on green shorts with a red waistband, Mtn Dew bottles printed on black shorts with a green waistband, and crazy monster-like bottles of Mtn Dew wolfing down pizza and tacos. As you can see, we really do like to go crazy. One of our favorite Mountain Dew designs is a pair of black and green trunks with the Mtn Dew logo in large lettering across the front of the brief with a green and black checkered banner framing the text and paired with a classic green tone-on-tone CRAZYBOXER waistband. The background of these briefs contains a mix of lighting bolts and green spray paint. Check them out yourself to see how awesome they look!

Each pair of our briefs has the same classic-fitting shape and stylish features; a thick waistband to keep the briefs securely placed on your hips, double-layered material on the front pouch for extra security, a woven and printed tag to avoid itchy labels, detailed stitching on the front pouch for a stylish finish, and an ergonomic shape to maximize your movement.

As well as bringing you eye-catching designs and stylish features, we also want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible while wearing CRAZYBOXER. Our men’s trunks are made from an uber-breathable microfiber fabric that perfectly stretches over your hips and thighs for a snug fit. The moisture-wicking material keeps the sweat off the skin, which means you can wear CRAZYBOXER trunks when you work out, when you sleep, in summer, or in winter. You’ll always stay feeling fresh and clean while wearing CRAZYBOXER.

CRAZYBOXER x Mtn Dew boxers are sold individually or in multipacks of two or three. Browse the collection today and see which Mountain Dew briefs suit your style the most, and if you’re not sure, then we advise you to take them all! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone else, we are sure you will find a pair of boxers to suit the occasion. Our boxers are a truly wonderful gift for any fun-loving son, husband, boyfriend, or friend. So what are you waiting for? Browse the collection today and get your hands on our Mountain Dew trunks before they’re gone!