The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian

We are always on the hunt for new collaborators at CRAZYBOXER! We aim to bring all of your favorite brands and licenses to your underwear collection, and we believe we have outdone ourselves this time. We had a massive celebration once we secured a partnership with The Mandalorian, undoubtedly the best TV series to hit our screens in the last couple of years. The Mandalorian is the first live-action series within the Star Wars universe, which takes place five years after the Return of the Jedi. Created by the legendary Jon Favreau, the TV series was released on Disney+ in 2019 and was an instant success. We were instantly addicted!

The Mandalorian is a strong, intelligent, and effective fighter hailing from the planet Mandalore. The series follows the thrilling adventures of a Mandalorian bounty hunter who must protect his bounty as he travels across the outer edges of the galaxy. The bounty, of course, is none other than the most lovable Baby Yoda. We don’t want to burst your bubble, but did you know Baby Yoda is not, in fact, Yoda as a baby? The Mandalorian actually occurs after Yoda’s death. Still, because of the creature’s unknown species name, people just call it Baby Yoda. We think it’s an excellent name for the cute and lovable little frog-puppet!

Our design process for this collection was a lengthy one, as it required us to rewatch the entire series again. A challenging job indeed for us fans of the series. The collection is inspired by the main characters, landscapes, and emblems in the series, including lots of Baby Yoda designs, The Mandalorian, and the Mandalorian helmets. The series takes place in the Outer Rim of the galaxy. We were heavily influenced by the beautiful landscapes of dessert land and the low-rising sun. This inspired a broad color palette mixed with oranges, reds, pinks, blues, and blacks to create a versatile collection to match every mood and outfit.

We wanted to make this collection as unique as possible, so we went all out and designed custom packaging for a selected range of our briefs. Read below to learn more about our novelty packaging and the inspiration behind each of our fantastic designs. Not to toot our own horn, but we think the result is quite spectacular and a must-have for fans of the franchise.

The Mandalorian is the latest addition to the Star Wars universe. However, since the Star Wars universe has been a considerable part of our lives since childhood, we were inspired to mix the old with the new. This led to the creation of a vintage VHS tape packaging for The Mandalorian underwear. The briefs come packaged in a retro VHS tape box with “Star Wars The Mandalorian” written on the spine and front cover alongside Baby Yoda. The VHS box is true to size and is designed with a vintage effect to make it look like a genuine videotape box from your childhood collection of favorite movies.

Baby Yoda, or Grogu, is unquestionably the standout character from The Mandalorian with whom we’ve all become obsessed. There are too many memes to count. So it’s only natural that Baby Yoda, also known as the Child, is heavily featured in our collection. Let us tell you about some of our favorite designs. We printed Baby Yoda a pair of briefs showing us how breakfast is best done. He’s eating from a bowl of the galaxy’s favorite cereal, Frogz. If you didn’t know this was the best way to eat breakfast—well, now you know—this is the way. The Baby Yoda cereal-themed trunks come packaged in a fun-sized cereal box, but minus the cereal. Baby Yoda appears on the front of the cereal box, digging his spoon into a milky bowl of Frogz. The cardboard cereal box opens from the top just like an actual box of cereal.

We’ve designed CRAZYBOXER shorts to be worn all day long. No matter what you get up to, we’ve got you covered, literally. The ergonomically shaped boxer briefs contain a range of features, including a thick stretch waistband and moisture-wicking fabric. In addition, the material on the front pouch is double layered to provide you with maximum comfort and security.

The Mandalorian trunks are an ideal gift for fans of the Star Wars franchise. We highly recommend you take a look at The Baby Yoda boxer shorts that come in a beautiful gift box wrapped up nicely with a bow. Our briefs are sold individually, but if you want to get your hands on as many pairs as possible, we suggest you check out the multipacks of two or three. Browse the CRAZYBOXER x The Mandalorian collection today and find your perfect pair of boxer briefs. Remember, this is the way!