When we are looking for new collaborators, we like to brainstorm and think of brands who are the epitome of fun, just like us. That’s how we know you’re going to go crazy for our latest collection with Kellogg’s. What’s the first thing you eat every morning? There’s a high chance your answer is cereal, and if so, there’s an even higher chance that your answer is Kellogg’s cereal. Even the Apollo 11 astronauts ate Kellogg’s cereal for their breakfast on their voyage to the moon! Speaking of the moon, if every cereal box of Kellogg’s sold since 1906 was stacked one on top of the other, the cereal ladder would reach all the way to the moon and back again... over one hundred times. Pretty neat, right?

The Kellogg’s brand is rich in history. Founded over a century ago, they were the first-ever company to advertise in Times Square in New York. We wonder how much it cost for an advertisement back then! Who would have thought that a cereal and snack brand could be so iconic? Kellogg’s have created beautiful personalities for all their top-selling cereals, thanks to the much-loved mascots featured on the cereal boxes and in their advertisements. This collection is influenced by the legacy of Kellogg’s and the iconic legends that are synonymous with the brand.

Our CRAZYBOXER design team loved coming up with designs based on their favorite cereals and snacks of their childhood and adulthood. First, the CRAZYBOXER squad gathered around the boardroom table in the morning, divvying out the Kellogg’s variety packs along with four different types of milk; when did the world get so complicated? Next came the discussion of what Kellogg’s meant to them while dipping their spoons into a bowl into a tasty, crunchy bowl of cereal. There was a strong sense of nostalgia in the room. So many memories came flooding back of pouring a bowl of Rice Krispies before school. Do you remember hoping a little toy would fall into the bowl? Or reading the back of the cereal box while wolfing down the Rice Krispies before the school bus arrived? We don’t know about you, but we think trying to help Snap, Crackle, and Pop out of a maze is a lot more fun than scrolling through boring content on our phones.

Possibly the most prominent legend in the Kellogg’s clan is Tony the Tiger. He’s been around for seventy years, and he’s still as fierce as ever. Whether you call them Frosted Flakes or Frosties, the sugary breakfast cereal is well-known and well-loved by all. Snap, Crackle, and Pop are the three lovable Rice Krispies mascots who add a little bit of fun to our breakfast. Of course, we can’t forget about the great Froot Loops mascot, either; Toucan Sam brightens up all our mornings! Last but not least, the Honey Smacks hero, Dig’em Frog, also appears in our collection.

Kellogg’s are well-known for their cereal, but the Kellogg’s brand encompasses so much more than that. The cheesy snack with real cheese, Cheez-It, also features our collection, as we know what matters to you! We didn’t put real cheese into our boxer briefs like Cheez-It crackers, but we highly considered it. Eggo Waffles are also included in our Kellogg’s collection. Our boxers are perfectly comfy, just like the perfectly fluffy insides of Eggo Waffles.

We’ve spent a lot of time making sure that our boxers are as comfortable and stylish as possible. Our briefs are made from a super-soft microfiber material with moisture-wicking abilities. This means it draws off any sweat from your skin, keeping you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day. The front pouch is double lined, which adds extra support and protection. The elasticated waistband perfectly hugs your hips and keeps the boxers from sliding down. We’ve also added a printed tag on the inside of the briefs for a polished and comfortable finish. There is also a woven tag on the back of the waistband which features a Kellogg’s design.

We should all listen to the advice of Kellogg’s and say to ourselves each morning, “Let’s Make Today Great.” All while eating a bowl of Kellogg’s cereal and wearing CRAZYBOXER briefs, of course.

We hope you enjoy browsing our collection and find the perfect pair of Kellogg’s briefs to brighten up your morning. Not shopping for yourself? Our Kellogg’s collection is popular among both young and old, making them an ideal present for any man in your life. Be it your father, son, brother, husband, boyfriend, or friend... even your uncle would love a pair of Kellogg’s boxers for his birthday! Keep an eye out for our novelty packaging. We have packaged some of our Kellogg’s boxers in a replica mini cereal box that looks exactly like the real deal. Get your hands on them before they’re gobbled up!