Disney Classic

CRAZYBOXER aims to bring you the most creative and exciting collections in collaboration with your favorite licenses. We are super excited to share with you our most magical partner of all, the world-famous Disney. Is there anything more magical than the iconic Disney castle opening at the beginning of a film? We’ll be honest, it’s brought a tear or two to our eyes before, and that was only last year! We have teamed up with the makers of Mickey Mouse to create a wonderful collection of underwear that features all your treasured characters from your most beloved Disney films. Did you know that Goofy was actually Walt Disney’s favorite character? Don’t tell Mickey! It’s a good thing they both heavily feature in this magical collection.

Our range of Disney briefs is full of bright colors and funky retro designs that will bring a little bit of nostalgia and joy into your day. It seems like only yesterday we were spending our Sunday evenings watching our favorite Disney films over and over again. We can still hear the sound of the VHS tape rewinding all the way back to the start of the film just to watch it all over again. So we wonder what the kids of today will reminisce about when they’re older? Clicking in and out of the same movie over and over again on the Disney+ app? Whatever the case, we’ll never be too old to sing along to The Lion King or too grownup to laugh at the antics of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. Our Disney collection includes polaroid photos of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck striking serious poses, a pop-art portrait of Goofy looking as zany as ever, and some retro black and white cartoon drawings of Mickey Mouse and friends. 

Our Disney collaboration also delves into the darker side of Disney. The cult classic The Nightmare Before Christmas and the mighty monsters of Monsters, Inc. — both distributed by Disney — are featured in our magical collection. Sully and Mike Wazowski are not the scariest of monsters. Jack, the Pumpkin King, may not be the spookiest of skeletons, but our boxer collection is frightfully fun. The Nightmare Before Christmas features lots of skulls, bones, pumpkins, bats, ghosts, all things Halloween! Think lots of black and orange, but sometimes a touch of red or blue too, just to keep it interesting. The Monsters, Inc. boxers feature Mikey and Sully trying out their scariest poses. The color palette includes plenty of purple, green, and black.

CRAZYBOXER briefs are always designed with the utmost care, from soup to nuts. You’d be amazed to know how much thought goes into creating each pair of trunks. Our designers are also Disney fanatics. They usually rewatch the Disney films and do a deep dive into their precious childhood stash of Disney VHS tapes to search for inspiration before delving into a design. Tough job, right? As you can see, having fun is essential to everything we do at CRAZYBOXER.

CRAZYBOXER has spent a lot of time ensuring our boxers are the most comfortable and stylish briefs in town. Our briefs are made from a super-soft microfiber material featuring moisture-wicking abilities. It will draw off any sweat from your skin, keeping you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day. The front pouch is double lined, adding extra support and protection for your manhood. The elasticated waistband perfectly hugs your hips and keeps the boxers from slouching. We’ve also added a printed tag on the inside of the briefs for a more polished and comfortable finish than an itchy, ugly paper tag. There is also a woven tag on the back of the waistband which features a Disney logo or character. All these little details are what makes CRAZYBOXER briefs so popular.

Disney is a household name loved by both young and old, making this collection ideal to find a gift for any man in your life. We have designed our collection to suit every occasion, from a festive, winter-themed Mickey Mouse to a loved-up Mickey surrounded by hearts. Whether you’re looking to celebrate the holiday season in style or make a special someone feel loved on Valentine’s Day, you’ll find the ideal pair of underwear for the occasion. It’s also worth mentioning our special edition packaging. Select pairs of the Disney collection are packaged in a beautiful Disney gift box neatly wrapped up with a bow. So they are ready to hand over to a certain someone whose day you’re about to make a whole lot better. The red and blue gift box features Mickey Mouse printed on the sides of the box.

Our Disney men’s underwear range can be purchased as either single items or multipacks of two or three. Browse our collection today to find your favorite pair of magical Disney trunks.